When awarded salvage, you'll grab everything worth taking. (can salvage individual modules from defeated mecha)

Prerequisite: Mecha Repair +5

Generally considered to be the most useful talent available. If a battle scenario allows the player to gather salvage then the player will almost certainly be awarded parts of destroyed enemy mechas, such as heads, limbs and wings. These can be stripped of useful parts using the Mecha Engineering skill. Those parts can then either be used to enhance mecha owned by the player character, or sold for cash in the appropriate places. As of version 0.830 this talent requires a successful Mecha Repair skill roll for each module to be salvaged, so it's worthwhile boosting that skill even higher than the 5 point prerequisite to make the most of salvage.

Nuts and Bolts Edit

The program selects a random non-torso module (i.e., limb) of every mecha on the battlefield. For each module, you then must roll over 15 for your Mecha Repair skill to keep the module. If your Craft is 13, then you will want a Mecha Repair skill of at least +6 to salvage one module from roughly half of the destroyed enemy mecha on the battlefield.