Type Battroid
Weight 45.5t AD26
46.5t AD28c
49.5t AD28 Custom
Height 16.0m
Length 5.75m
Price $727774 AD26
$1045569 AD28c
$1149116 AD28 Custom
The Vadel is often cited as the first battroid of the modern age. In

NT92 the first Vadels were built one at a time by a family company operating out of a single workshop. The company grew rapidly, and mass production began in NT110.

Basic InfoEdit

The Vadel is manufactured by Vadel Incorporated. It is a class 5 Battroid with a class 2 gyroscope. It features a mesoskeletal chassis driven by linear actuators and powered by an atmospheric hydrogen fusion generator. It has a console cockpit just beneath the head. The pilot's seat may be converted to a bunk.

The only integrated weapons in the standard AD26 Vadel are twin vulcan cannons (DC:5) mounted in the body. Most internal space is taken up with movement systems; there are class 4 hoverjets in the torso and both legs, and a class 8 overcharger in the torso. Additional hoverjets and overchargers are installed in the armored "wings" protecting the legs.

Class 5 sensors and a class 1 targeting computer are installed in the head. Backup sensors are installed in the torso. The Vadel has a maneuverability score of -2 and a targeting score of -2 when fully loaded.

Variants Edit

In the seven decades of Vadel Incorporated's history there have been forty redesigns of the basic model. It has been a constant favorite of both military and arena pilots.

AD25 Vadel Edit

This variant was introduced in NT149. It did not feature backup sensors, making the head particularly vulnerable. It was retired in NT155 with the introduction of the AD26.

AD26 Vadel Edit

This is the new model introduced in NT155 and is currently the standard version. The AD26 Vadel comes with missile launchers in the shoulder pads, a shield, a plasma rifle, and a sword. Starting in NT158 the plasma rifle has been replaced with a laser cannon.

Factory Specifications Icon
MV TR SE Speed Weight Price Vadel
-2 -2 +1 49dpr walk, 102dpr skim 45.5t $727774
Weapons Twin Vulcan Cannon x 2, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Rocket Pod x 2, Sword
Systems Class 2 Gyro, Class 3 Shield, Hands x 2, Weapon Mount x 2

AD28c Vadel Edit

Fast and well-armed, the Vadel is the high end battroid against which all others are measured.

Factory Specifications Icon
MV TR SE Speed Weight Price Vadel
-2 -2 +1 49dpr walk, 107dpr skim, 105dpr space 46.5t $1045569
Weapons Vulcan Cannon x 2, Plasma Cannon, Heavy Rocket Pod x 2, Sword, Heavy Swarm Missiles x 2
Systems Vadel Inc Target System, Vadel Inc Maneuver System, Class 5 Sensor, Class 3 Shield, Hands x 2, Weapon Mount x 2

AD28 Custom Vadel Edit

This variant has been modified for use in the arena. Its engine has been tuned for maximum performance.

According to reports, this design was to be the successor of the AD26. Several early prototypes surfaced in NT157 but these were quickly recalled by the company. The AD28 Custom had a larger plasma cannon than the AD26, a lighter frame, and an armored body carapace incorporating additional thrusters.

Factory Specifications Icon
MV TR SE Speed Weight Price Vadel
-1 -1 +1 47dpr walk, 105dpr skim, 103dpr space 49.5t $1149116
Weapons Vulcan Cannon x 2, Railgun, Heavy Rocket Pod x 2, Dueling Sabre, Heavy Swarm Missiles x 2
Systems Vadel Inc Target System, Vadel Inc Maneuver System, Class 5 Sensor, Class 4 ECM, Class 3 Shield, High-Performance Engine, Hands x 2, Weapon Mount x 2

AD3000 Future Vadel Edit

As of NT161 it's been 6 years since the introduction of a new Vadel variant. Vadel Incorporated is working on a new model to be released soon. Not much is known about this new model; the designation "AD3000 Future Vadel" was given to it by those in the mecha press and may not reflect its official designation.

Tips Edit

The Vadel is not as maneuverable as many other high-end battroids, but it is faster than most. Vadel pilots can benefit greatly from the Stunt Driving talent.

Concept artEdit

Modding TipsEdit

Removing one of the Twin Vulcans from the body lightens the Vadel enough you get -1 MV and -1 TR. Removing both Twin Vulcans and two of the built-in Class 4 Hover Jets (not the ones on the Leg Armor!) get you 0 MV and 0 TR, while retaining a max speed (231) that is still greater than the maximum achievable speed of 201, due to the Class 8 Overchargers in the body; this combines impressive speed with good dodge chance. The armor it comes with is particularly lightweight especially considering they contain equipment. If you're primarily a Mecha Gunnery pilot, you can consider removing the Arm Armor (which holds rockets) to put in more guns, but even with the Arm Armor you can fit two Laser Cannons anyway without any MV/TR penalty. You would be limited by the hands and mounts anyway to just 4 equipped weapons, and if you took the option to get 0 MV and 0 TR you can't add more even one more mountpoint without crossing the threshold to -1 MV/TR.

A possible viable strategy would be to take the Stunt Driving talent, target a base 0 MV and 0 TR without inventory, remove the leg mountpoints and put mountpoints into the arms, then load up on powerful short-range guns and make sure your lancemates don't have BLAST weapons. In combat rush right into the enemy team and blast them while skimming past (the reason you want mountpoints on arms instead of legs, to get F180 Arc), then walk and turn around to continue blasting them.

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