CYB-13 Monstrous
Type GroundHugger
Weight 104.5t
Height 8.0m
Length 21.0m
Price $41162055

The Monstrous is a throwback to the previous age. Most Monstrouses have been rebuilt several times from the wreckage of their predecessors. This massive hovertank sports more firepower and armor than an entire division of lesser mecha.

Off the shelf, this mecha is nigh-useless, but once you give it a good ECM and some INTERCEPT weapons, equip some extra armor plates (to avoid critical hits), strip off most of the hover pods (and/or a turret or two), and re-equip it with much faster-firing weapons, it can be quite effective; it really does take a beating before it goes down.


Factory Specifications Icon
MV TR SE Speed Weight Price Monstrous
-14 -1 +3 77dpr skim 104.5t $41162055
Weapons Heavy Phase Cannon, Anti-Mecha Cannon x 2, Light Nuclear Missiles, Plasma Missiles x 2
Systems Class 10 TarComp, Class 10 Sensor
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