EXC-02a Excel
Type Battroid
Weight 67.0t
Height 18.0m
Length 6.5m
Price $662510

The Excel is an awesome heavily armored assault mecha armed with three extended range Laser Cannons able to rip apart enemy mecha from a distance and a pulse laser designed to shoot down incoming missiles.

However, the Excel lacks jets of any kind. Therefore, its awesomeness can be brought to a crashing halt surprisingly quickly. Just make sure nobody shoots your leg off and you'll be fine.


Factory Specifications Icon
MV TR SE Speed Weight Price Excel
-4 -2 -1 35dpr walk 67.0t $662510
Weapons Laser Cannon x 3, Pulse Laser
Systems Class 4 Gyro, Class 1 ECM, Class 3 Shield x 2, Hands x 1

Concept artEdit