Joseph Hewitt is from Newfoundland, Canada. He studied mathematics for two years at the University of Waterloo before deciding that he'd rather work in the humanities. In 1997 he completed a bachelor's degree in English with cognates in psychology and philosophy from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Currently he works as an English teacher in Ulsan, South Korea. In October 2003 he married Eunsuk Seo.

He released several computer games, apart from GearHead: Realm of Sendai (Amiga CRPG), DeadCold, Dungeon Monkey,King of MuHyup, and Brick Adventure a stop-motion platform game.

He is also responsible for the minicomics Ataraxia Theatre, Guelph Erroneous Gnome, and Three Ages of Damien Chan. He has written articles for the Korea Times and The Dark Library.

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Ataraxia Theatre webcomic