(This page covers the faction. For the location of the same name, see here.)

The Hwang-Sa Temple faction specializes in Mysticism, Martial Arts and searching for PreZero artifacts.

Joining Edit

Successfully meditate at the Shrine of Ascension twice to be transported to the Proving Grounds alone. Search through rooms and passages with medium-difficulty enemies like fire penguins, and acquire the Mark of the Phoenix. Then find the stairs back up.

Afterwards, talk to Kaema, who will allow non-Villainous PCs to quit any current faction and join the Hwang-Sa Temple.

Rewards Edit

On joining, the PC will receive a Scylla and 500 XP. After that, each promotion will result in 100 XP and Martial Arts increased by 1. If the PC has not had enough faction experience for a full promotion, a $50000 cash reward will be given instead. (Editor's note: The circumstances of the cash reward need to be clarified.) At the minimum you seem to need to attain a Spirituality proportional to the promotion level you earn, in order to gain the Martial Arts increase.

Faction experience can be gained by meditating at elemental shrines and going on quests such as item searches.

Ranks are named as follows. The actual rank and name of the new Martial Arts move learned do not seem to make any difference; each promotion has the same stat increases. It's possible to continue advancing beyond the last listed rank, in which case you will still get 100 XP and Martial Arts increased by 1. This is arguably better than the other factions, which only give a flat 500,000 dollar reward for above-rank service, since the Martial Arts skill will require greater and greater effort to advance.

  • Neophyte
  • Initiate
  • Devotee
  • Adept
  • Master of the Four Winds
  • Master of the World Tree
  • Master of the Silver Waves
  • Master of the Dragon's Flame
  • Master of the Sun and Moon