1. You need to visit each shrine and successfully meditate at it. You receive a special message related to the shrine if you are successful.
  2. Reach 100% Spiritual. Successfully meditating at any shrine will raise your spirituality, even unnamed ones. Note that you only really need at least 51%.
  3. Meditate at each elemental shrine again. If successful you will receive a permanent stat bonus. Once you have visited all five shrines a second time you have +2 to every stat.

Note that you can only attempt to meditate at a given shrine once per day.

Shrine locations: Edit

Wind Edit

In the Hwang-Sa Temple. The only elemental shrine located in a safe place. (+2 Ego)

Earth Edit

At the end of the walking trail in Snake Lake City's Park. These paths do not change after the first visit, so it is straightforward to find again. (+2 Body)

Water Edit

At the bottom of the Slimy Cave dungeon to the east of Namok, 55 meters below the surface. This dungeon is unstable, so be prepared for a long trip down and back up with many Deep Lobsters and Albino Alligators, plus the occasional Sea Dragon. There are also no 3x3 green tile blocks to help find stairs.
Survival works especially well here because creatures such as crabs are plentiful in this cave. (+2 Craft, Speed)

Fire Edit

In the hot Mauna Caverns. Smog Monsters are common here. The exact location of the shrine in the cavern changes if the cavern is entered, if at least a few hours have passed since the last visit. It might even spawn in the water, requiring a jet pack to reach. (+2 Reflex, Charm)

Spirit Edit

In the Ziggurat L5. (+2 Perception, Knowledge)

Non-elemental shrines Edit

Aside from the above 5 elemental shrines, there are three more shrines.

  1. Lakeside Chapel Shrine in Snake Lake Waterfront.
  2. Chaplain's Office Shrine in Wujung University.
  3. Shrine of Ascension in Hwang-Sa Temple.

These may be useful if you want to improve your Mysticism skill and Spritual trait.