Which weapon should I use? How can I capture an Ovaknight? How can I make my mecha better? What determines my chance to succeed when using skills? How, exactly, does GearHead decide how much damage a hit does? This is where you'll find out how GearHead works, and get some advice on strategy, all without having to read the code yourself.

You can argue that reading about the game mechanics isn't "cheating", and some of the guides are things that really depend on quirks of the game mechanics. If you were a real person in the GearHead universe, you would, for example, see the effects of a weapon in much more detail than a damage number. On the other hand, you have advantages that a real person wouldn't have... As with any single-player game, your satisfaction and entertainment are your own business. If you like to know how things work, keep reading.

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Game Mechanics Edit

Just the algorithms GearHead uses to decide what happens, the game physics. Not too much comment on how to take advantage of those facts.

Strategy Edit

This is where we start to get into things you could figure out for yourself. Play the game some before spending too much time reading this. There are multiple ways to succeed in GearHead, so you don't need to have a character who's good at all of these things.

Spoilers & Cheating Edit

Those recruiters are pretty tight-lipped about what they're looking for in a candidate...

This is where I draw the line between really cheating and not cheating. Not that I never cheat, of course.


Ready to get your hands dirty designing your own mecha or writing a plot-line? Here's where to start reading.

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