The Guardians are the law enforcement agency of the Federated Territories.


The Guardians were formed shortly after the incorporation of the Federated Territories in NT70.

Crime and PunishmentEdit

There is one criminal code enforced throughout the Federated Territories. Slavery is illegal. Development, manufacture, and trade of autonomous bioweapons is illegal. Transgenetic agents and many drugs are regulated.

Accused criminals are given a trial by jury. If found guilty, they are typically fined or sentanced to rehabilitation. Techniques used include jail time, behavior modification, and psychosurgery. Execution of prisoners is legal but has not been practiced for many years.

Of course, this all assumes that the accused criminal survives long enough to be charged. Guardian officers are permitted to use deadly force if a target resists arrest. They have a reputation for dispensing "frontier justice."

One of the major tasks of the Guardians is patrolling the highways. Bandits are a huge problem in the wild spaces between the cities.


All guardians are trained in personal combat, mecha combat, forensics and law. As they often have to work alone they need a wide variety of skills. There are also specialists who receive extra training in certain subjects.

A Guardian's first loyalty must be to the law. As part of their basic training, all recruits undergo a test whereby they must choose between honoring the law or protecting their comrades. This test is often tailored specifically to the person being tested. Any guardians who fail the test are barred from service. To prevent corruption and abuses of power, guardian badges come equipped with a data recorder which can be requested by the guardian HQ at any time.

The Guardians are a joinable faction in GearHead 1. For a walkthrough on how to join, see Guides:Join_the_Guardians_(GH1).

Bonuses for joining the GuardiansEdit

Rank Reward
Recruit250 XP, Renegade class groundhugger, and $50,000
Patrolman100XP, Corsair class battroid
DetectivePeacemaker handgun
SergeantVadel class battroid
Junior InspectorSWAT Armor, SWAT Helmet
InspectorSpecial defensive strategy training course: Mecha Piloting +2 and Dodge +2
SuperintendentHammer of Justice
CommissionerMonstrous class groundhugger

If you get even more faction experience beyond the highest rank above, you will be awarded 500,000 in cash.

Notable GuardiansEdit