A groundhugger is a wheeled, tracked or hovering mecha that stays at ground level. Tanks, trucks and cars are all groundhuggers. A groundhugger is a more stable weapons platform than a battroid, resulting in higher TR scores, and they tend to be better armoured. However, their MV is typically much worse. Groundhuggers are able to take advantage of Turret modules, allowing them to mount weapons with a 360 degree arc of fire.

-1 MV, +2 TR, +2 Armor. These usually have little space for modification. An "Advanced Suspension" is the equivalent of a mecha's Gyro, which will allow you to pile on more mass, but even the best suspensions have a low rating, so you can make few changes. Cannot fly or jump, no matter how many Arc Thrusters you mount on them. The armor bonus is at the mecha's scale, so it will be +5 armor points per +1 to Armor at SF 1, and +25 armor points per +1 to Armor at SF 2.