Aerofighters are aircraft, fighters, bombers and some spacecraft. They tend to be extremely fast and provide a stable platform for weapons targeting. Unfortunately they're not as maneuverable as ground mecha, tend to have poor armour in order to save weight and have a wide turning circle. They're also prone to crashing once their wings are shot off. All aerofighters have a stall speed of 150 dpr, so when modding an aeromech be sure any additional weight you add does not reduce its speed below this value. This class of mecha is only recommended for the expert player.

-5 MV, -1 TR. Jets and the like; has a similar -3 to be hit for flying, though it also has the worst MV in the game. Has a stall speed of 150; if you fly slower than this, you will crash, but Aerofighters have a major bonus to flying speed. AeroFighters get a 100% bonus to Flying Thrust if their total wing points is greater than than the mecha size.

Note: because you automatically pick up all equipment after a battle, you may end up on the world map overloaded. If this happens, drop most of your equipment. The speed requirement is two-sided: you must always move fast, so you will occasionally have to spend time turning around. On the plus side, this means that all your weapons will be ready to fire again by the time you've turned, and you will always be at least -7 to be hit (or -10 if you count the bonus against non-ANTIAIR weapons).